Well not so much signing it away as hitting the enter button on the keyboard after typing in my credit card number!!

I signed up to “Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Turnaround” (from now on known as the 12wbt) so I can start to regain my lost fitness while losing the baby weight from the past 7 years! I have read amazing success stories about it so fingers and toes crossed that it is the right program for me!

I have already borrowed the cookbook from a friend so I can start getting an idea of what types of meals I will be preparing. This will also help me get an idea of what I can also feed the kids. Having 3 totally different children means 3 totally different eating habits! Master 7, will give anything a go but can picky on basic things such as cheese, tomato and bananas! Master 4 is picky with everything under the sun!! If it isn’t sausages & chips or it looks like a vegetable, it won’t get eaten. Not even an attempt. He certainly isn’t fading away but it does get frustrating!! Miss 1 is a dream! She will give anything a go, eat pretty much anything that is put in front of her and will eat twice as much as the 2 boys put together!! I swear I have no idea where she puts it all (except maybe on the floor!)

Feeding the family is probably one of the factors that has made losing weight in the past hard for me. That, finding the time to exercise and also my motivation waning after 4 weeks!

However, I am determined this year is going to be different. No more circle work from me. It’s the straight and narrow from now on. If the motivation starts to fade, I need to remember what a crappy year 2011 was & why I decided to do this in the first place. No more excuses! As the 12wbt people say, JFDI!