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After I started this blog, I posted it to my Facebook page for my friends to see what I was up to. I also thought that if they read that I was waning on certain days or needed a good kick up the backside that they would be there to do it for me!

Little did I know that there were a few other ladies out there who were feeling the same as me. Wanting to do something for themselves this year, not wanting to stay the same & try to improve who they are, inside and out!

So, in response to this, with the help of a most wonderful and inspirational friend (LM!), we have started a walking/exercise group! I am so thrilled that at least once a week I won’t have to exercise by myself or with a group of strangers. It will be great to catch up but also know that we are doing something good for us!

We also have an aim. To walk/jog the Mothers Day Classic here in Adelaide on May 13th 2012. I am very excited as that is just after the first round of 12WBT has finished and it will give me another goal to attempt this year. I have always wanted to attempt a fun run type event so what better than doing an event of Mother’s Day! I’m sure I will feel better doing that than trying to get a sleep in on Mother’s Day!! lol

I have also started cleaning out the pantry of ‘naughty’ food and replacing it with more body friendly food! I have bought myself a new water bottle which will be permanently out on my kitchen bench or with me when I am out. I found all the exercise DVD’s that have just been gathering dust with every good intention of using them. I even bought a new sports bra at the post-Christmas sales today! I’m just trying to set myself up so that I have no excuses for not doing something that will benefit me.

My wonderful husband, Simon, has been more than supportive. I just hope he is happy to go along with the new meals I have planned for us!! He isn’t usually fussy so I don’t see it being a problem. I know he loves me no matter what, but I think he can see how determined I am to give this a real shot.

So my first real day of exercise tomorrow! I am excited to be getting into slowly before the onslaught of the 12WBT program! And doing exercise with my friends should make it all the more fun and worthwhile!