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And it was! Getting a group of local ladies, who I know through school and kindy, out on a cool Sunday morning for a brisk walk to start our New Year. 7 of us made the effort to get out of bed early last Sunday and leave husband’s at home with the kids!

With our inspirational friend, Lee (who ran her first marathon back in December last year) as our pacesetter, we headed out on a near 4km walk. We all went at our own pace and some of us even jogged a little (very little). But it was awesome! It took just under 40 minutes! (39.13 minutes to walk 3.84kms) We were all positive, happy and looking forward to a New Year taking care of ourselves as well as our family and friends!

I must say, I was all ‘gung ho’ and ready to come home and cook some meals to freeze, go through the fridge and pantry but I was exhausted!! A little sore (my calves felt like lead!) but mostly just tired! I keep reminding myself that it was the first time I have exercised in ……..well, a very long time!! I will get better and in turn feel so much better! I am looking very much forward to next Sunday too! A regular exercise morning with a group of like-minded ladies!

So another baby step in my journey has been taken. Next step is to get my house organised & to make sure that there a no little ‘chocolate temptations’ left within reach!!

I also want to say a BIG ‘Thank You’ to my friends and family who have given me their constant support in my little ‘life changing’ venture. I hope that they keep supporting me all the way through! I hope they tell me I can do it when I am having doubts. I hope they give me a swift kick up the backside when I am not trying my best & be there for me when I need a hug.

Now I had better sign off as there are 3 kids who need to be entertained on this damp and cool school holiday! That is a challenge in itself!