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It’s all about the music! Well it is for me anyway. When I am working out alone I must have some good tunes playing. It helps me to focus, takes away the pain when I need to push myself, it helps me relax when I need to and it also just makes exercising a little more fun. Because exercising is not always fun!

So I have started loading my CD’s onto my computer so I can choose what songs will make my new “Get Fit!” playlist! This is going to be a long process as I have more CD’s than I first thought! But then I realised that I will have to probably make a couple of playlists for the different types of exercise! Fast paced beat songs, slow mellow songs, and then the in between songs!! That should keep me up a few nights why I sort all of that out!

Choosing what to put on is going to be hard though. I used to clean my house to Jazz music and sometimes Show Tunes! (Glenn Miller & Ella Fitzgerald being popular as well as Phantom of the Opera!!)

And what of all the different and new music out there? I can’t say that I am ‘up there’ in knowing what is around. I barely get time to do all the other things in my life!! So a late night browsing iTunes it is! But also I am going to throw the question out.

What are your favourite songs to exercise or workout to? What songs make you get up and go? Look forward to hearing your all time favourites and suggestions!