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I have always been really good at excuses. At school, work and especially at home. I can pretty much convince myself of anything and in turn, can convince others if I want to.

As part of the 12WBT, I was asked to write all of the excuses down that have EVER stopped me from getting my butt up from the couch (or from in front of the computer screen!) and also eating foods that were good for me rather than convenient. It was really scary. They included but were not limited to the following – “Too Tired”, “Too Cold/Hot”, “The kids are playing up”, “I will look stupid”, “I can’t be bothered” and the big one “I’m just not motivated”.

Writing them down, not just saying them to myself, was the eye opener for me. I never realised how against myself I was. I would constantly complain and whine to family, friends & even myself but I was the one who doing all the sabotaging!!

So the excuses have now stopped. I might not feel like doing something but now I just do. Yes ,I do have days where I feel like crap and can’t be bothered but I now try to do something that will benefit me rather than work against me. If I don’t want to go for a jog, I find an alternative, like doing some skipping outside. If I am feeling like eating something ‘naughty’, I have a big glass of water, then reassess my hunger in 5 minutes. (Sounds a bit silly but it worked(s) for me!)

Excuses were one of my big road blocks in living a healthy life. Making seem more harder than it really is.

The next part of my program was to make a commitment. Signing up was not enough. I had to tell people, get it out there and make a commitment to them and myself. So, I will also make my commitment on here.

My commitment to you is that I will try my hardest, give it my best shot and remember that if I fall or slip occasionally that it is better just to keep going than to think that I failed and that it can’t be done. I can get fit and healthy again. I have done it before. I CAN lose weight, I CAN eat a healthy diet and I CAN get plenty exercise into my busy life. I commit to living my life for ME! Then I can give my best to everyone!

It is only 10 days until my 12WBT journey begins. I look forward to seeing where it takes me, who I meet and finding out just how much strength I have inside of me!