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It’s been a while since my last post but I have been pretty busy. School started back (not all good for my big boy there), Kindy started (all good there for the middle boy) and my little girl started child care (all good but mummy still having the guilt’s!). I also have been gearing myself up for the 12WBT program that started on the 13th of February. I cleaned out the pantry, fridge and freezer and replaced all the junk with a lot of yummy food (who knew healthy eating was actually delicious!!). I weighed and measured myself (not great but, oh well!) Then I had to take (or get hubby to do it!) my “Before” photos. AAARRRGH!! Well that really gave me a wake up call! The underwear pics, not so pretty and it’s a little similar with the workout clothes pics too. BUT, I will post that one on here to remind me of what I no longer want to look or feel like and to keep myself accountable too!

My measurements were as follows:

Weight: 79.3kgs ~ Chest: 112 cm ~ Waist: 107cm ~ Hips: 108 cm ~ Thighs: 60 cm(L) 58 cm (R) ~ Arms: 36 cm (L) 35 cm (R)

So week one began. Fitness test done (not happy with the results but it’s a starting point), menu finalised and exercise diarised! Getting to the exercise may be a little harder than I first anticipated but will give it my best shot! I can’t believe how awesome the meals are on this diet. Some of them will stay staples in our house for a long time. I tried Quinoa for the first time which wasn’t as bad as I thought! The dinner meals have been the best. Stuffed Tomatoes, Penang Chicken, Rainbow Fried Rice and last night Thai Chicken Burgers!!

I decided that doing exercise on the Wii and walking/jogging the bike track wasn’t going to get me the results that I am after. So I have also now joined “Jumpstart” Outdoor Group Fitness. Well doing that first thing on a Saturday morning really woke me up! It also kicked my butt big time! However much trouble I had, I knew that this was always going to be tough so kept plugging away. Did give myself a little scare when I couldn’t catch my breath but after a walk & chat with Mandy (one of the trainers) I was able to rejoin. Am very much feeling it still while writing this so it must have been good for me! 🙂

Now I am just hoping that I can keep up with the program and not lose faith in myself.